Halls vs Landlord

Signs of a good Landlord managed student accommodation

Signs of a good Landlord managed student accommodation

Overview – Students are not just buying into a property but also the landlord who will change your experience whilst in leicester

When students are looking to move to Leicester to study at one of our university we advice not to just look at the building apartment or student accommodation but also interview the landlord or management company. This will change your experience. Here are tips for you to ensure you find your ideal property type.

  1. Responsiveness

How quick do the agents respond to you and how professional are they. It is ideal if the team have been for the company for a while. If there is a quick turnover of staff at the student accommodation management type this could indicate a poor culture and professionalism from the leadership department. Ask your friends and follow students if they have signed with the management company in the previous year.

2) Options
Leicester city has two big universities and has allowed investors to consider Leicester to provide good returns. It is no wonder why Leicester city is considered to be the 6th largest economy in the UK where student all over the world have contributed.
Private halls of residents choose Leicester where there has been lots of building construction and yet private landlords still develop for student accommodation in Leicester with their unique styles. Clarendon park will provide a local independant feel where as you will find modern apartments in the freemans meadow complex. Student should keep their options open and visit as many properties and meet as many management companies as possible to find your perfect fit.

Students can be vulnerable in a new city or even in a new country where you may not be aware of available support. Have the university as the first point of contact however your property management company should be patient and caring to listen to your individual needs. In may be cultural needs or having social facilities available to meet like minded friends.

Halls of residence with long standing experience or management company that have been around long enough will have the processes in place to deal with challenges or repairs efficiently. They will also have the experience to deal with problematic neighbours where it is taken seriously and handled with care. Have a look on Google to see ratings and reviews to give you some confidence within your choice. Don’t just go for the cheapest place because it can cost you more in the long run. You may need to pay higher rents for quality fast speed wi-fi.

Support term
Ask questions around the accommodation support team because this will be an indication how soon your hot water system will be fixed if there was an issue.

We love our students coming to the Leicester city to have a great experience in their student accommodation because not only are they vulnerable but because they provide great value to the economy. 40% stay on in the city filling roles and providing skills we wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

Take your time finding the perfect student property to fit your needs and appreciate you may need to pay more to be in a prime location giving you a safe and enjoyable experience whilst at university.

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