Student Mental Health Management

Student Health and Welfare

University can be a stressful period for student for various reasons during there time alone at a student accommodation. But theres lots of solutions in Leicester. Some issues may be caused by poor food balance, unsocial working hours, lack of social management, alcohol intake imbalance and simply missing familiar faces such as family.

If you’ve come from a family home where you regularly see your family and eat, laugh and chit together then it make be a shock when this is taken away. This article has been put together to give a good mental health balance

Have plenty of fruits, fibres and natural fats. Its recommended to seek professional advice if you are looking into this area. Food and energy consumption is highly important to good health.

Before you choose your student accommodation property, have a look into the area to ensure you are able to get regularly quality sleep where there is a limited noise level and minimal street lights. You are able to get quality blackout curtains but have a look into if you are able to install these to your accommodation windows.
Hotels have sound block out walls, don’t be afraid to test the wall quality or give it a knock.

Stress management
How do you usually destress. Explore your options to see what works for you. Some may ensure going for a coffee, playing football for a local team or gracefully joining a yoga club. Have a look to see what is in the area of your Leicester student Accommodation. There are plenty of activities however you will find them in clusters around the city

Accommodation Facilities
Its pretty standard to find a games room in a modern accommodation halls of residence. What do you fancy, pool, table tennis or PlayStation.
Some social accommodation providers will occasionally put on events or brings together residences when there are major football games happening for an enjoyable social.

A clean room, is a stressfree area. Sometimes the process of cleaning may be therapeutic

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